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Jonathan Maturano



Graduate student, UIUC

09/2015 - 06/2020

B.S in Biochemistry, Rowan University


Jonathan grew up in the small town of Folsom, New Jersey. He attended Rowan University where he obtained his B.S in biochemistry performing research under Dr. James Grinias. His research lied on the interface of bioanalytical chemistry and organic synthesis, studying segmented-flow droplet microfluidics and working to derivatize metabolites for SFC detection and separation methods. During the summer between his junior and senior year, Jonathan was awarded an NSF REU fellowship at the University of Utah where he worked under Dr. Jon Rainier synthesizing virulence inhibiting molecules as novel antibiotics, derivatized from Discorhabdin Z. From these research endeavors, Jonathan developed a passion for synthetic chemistry and an appreciation for the interdisciplinary implications of such work. Thus, in the Fall of 2020, Jonathan joined the Sarlah group where he could begin to hone his skills as a synthetic chemist and an aspiring professor. Jonathan will be working on synthesizing various cannabinoids to aid in elucidating their biological mechanisms and aspires to perform complex total synthesis in the years to come. Jonathan enjoys rock climbing, cooking, and most things nerdy in hisfree time.

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