Tanner Bingham



Graduate student, UIUC


B.S. Chemistry, California State University, Fullerton


Tanner Bingham was born and raised in Lake Forest, California. He obtained his B.S. in Chemistry at California State University, Fullerton where he worked on the development of peptidomimetic inhibitors of the botulinum neurotoxin under the tutelage of Dr. Nicholas Salzameda. He also spent the summer of 2015 as an Amgen Scholar at Stanford University where he worked to develop a method to screen for Aβ aggregation inhibitors in the laboratory of Dr. Isabella Graef. In the fall of 2016 he joined the Sarlah Group where he is working on the synthesis and derivatization of biologically active natural products. In his spare time, Tanner enjoys a good wall to climb, a thrilling fantasy novel to read, or a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons to play.