Christopher Huck

Springborn and NSF Fellow



Graduate student, UIUC


B.A. Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University


Chris was born and raised in the great state of Massachusetts. He received his B.A. with Honors in Chemistry and Chemical Biology from Cornell University in 2016, where he studied the solution structures and reactivity of lithium enolates derived from bicyclic lactams under Professor David Collum. In the summer of 2015, he was a medicinal and process chemistry intern at the Merck Research Labs in Boston, working with Dr. David Candito towards the development of a transition metal-catalyzed asymmetric allylic trifluoromethylation. Continuing on his westward migration, Chris came to the University of Illinois and joined the Sarlah group in the fall of 2016, where he focuses on chemoenzymatic total synthesis of biologically active natural products. His interests include sleeping, running, meeting other people’s dogs, tortilla chips, and only working for people named Dave.