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The core mission of our laboratory is to create fundamental knowledge through innovative science in the area of organic synthesis. We strive to provide a diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment to people with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. As a group of scientists from various backgrounds, we are committed to creating a learning and working environment where everyone feels supported and invested in the laboratory mission. Moreover, we recognize that an effective learning environment requires the freedom of thought and the open exchange of ideas. That kind of exchange can happen only in a psychologically safe environment that recognizes the value of each person and fosters mutual respect.

We are committed to increasing initiatives for expanding diversity and for creating a workspace where all lab members feel included and valued, regardless of their age, color, ethnicity, race, national origin, citizenship status, socioeconomic status, religion, sex, gender identity, or expression of that identity, sexual orientation, able-bodiedness or mental health status. We strongly feel that having a research group that is representative of what our society looks like today is an asset that allows for the most effective solving of problems in science and beyond. We know this is a dynamic process, and we are continuously learning and striving to improve our efforts toward these goals.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

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