Bowie Yi

08/2017 –                       Graduate Student, UIUC

08/2013 – 05/2017         B.A. Chemistry, St. Olaf College


Bowie Yi spent the majority of her lifetime in Shenzhen, China before she moved to the States, or more specifically, Minnesota for college. “Why a place with such gruesome winters?” You may ask. Well, having never lived in a place with actual seasons (now’s the time for you to check where Shenzhen is on the map), she decided that it was time. She developed interest in organic chemistry during sophomore year, and conducted research with Professor Dipannita Kalyani in palladium catalyzed arylation and benzylation of nitroarenes. In summer 2016, she was a Snyder Scholar at UIUC in Dr. Scott Denmark’s lab, assisting with the synthesis of a series of BOX ligands for chemoinformatic analysis. She came back a year later, joining the department as a graduate student. She is currently working on natural products synthesis in the Sarlah group. Besides chemistry, here are a few of her other favorite things: dresses, good movies, various musical activities, the fall, sunsets, and Taylor Swift.

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